• Manufacturer: Amy Stone, flavour: see title.
  • Steam stones are an alternative to traditional shisha tobacco
  • The evaporation caused by heat does not produce smoke but aromatized vapour
  • Even medium heat prolongs application time
  • Box contents: 125 g.

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The AMY Stones are the stone version of the famous tobacco AMY Gold. Echoing the same flavors as the tobacco, AMY Stones are a consumable to use in your hookah bowl.

The operation of steam stones is very simple. Under the action of heat, glycerin contained in the rocks is vaporized, creating an abundant and perfumed white vapor.

The AMY Stones are available under many flavor variations. Whether you are lovers of simple flavors (apple, mint, strawberry …) or complex cocktails (Blue Banana, Code 69, JLT …) you will certainly find your happiness in this extended range of products!

AMY stones flavors have been conceived by the ones who managed the conception and flavor of the AMY Gold tobacco. It is therefore modern flavors, meeting the expectation of current hookah smokers.

If you feel creative, it is also possible to mix different flavored stones in order to obtain your own original cocktails and flavors.

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