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5Amy Deluxe


Stainless steel hookah


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    The  AMY Hammer Steel R (SS08R ) from the new stainless steel range from AMY is a  high-quality stainless steel shisha with a noble column of smoke. The special bowl is characterized by a gradient that shimmers in the colors of the rainbow.


    The  extensive scope of delivery of the AMY Hammer Steel R (SS08R)  includes:

    • Sound head with hot screen
    • Stainless steel smoke column
    • Glass bowl
    • Click system
    • Stainless steel molasses catcher
    • Universal adapter
    • Chamber system
    • 4 connections
    • Unscrewable diffuser
    • Silicone hose with an aluminum mouthpiece
    • Hose holder
    • Charcoal plate, charcoal tongs

    Multi-chamber system: Under the base, there are two chambers, the so-called “flow channels”. The smoke flows through these two chambers because they are directly under the connections. The smoke must therefore inevitably take the detour via the bowl and cannot accumulate when it is blown out.

    The AMY Deluxe click system prevents unpleasant scratching when enjoying hookah!

    Height (including head)80 cm
    Hookah headSound head including double reinforced hot screen
    Charcoal plateStainless steel plate
    Additional carbon protectionYes
    Material: column of smokestainless steel
    connections4 connections
    Hose & mouthpieceSilicone hose including aluminum mouthpiece
    Claspmodern click system with chambers
    Chamber systempatented chamber system
    Material: bowlShimmering rainbow glass bowl
    Soundproofingwith unscrewable diffuser
    Coal tongsYes
    Hose holderYes
    LED recessYes