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Black burn

BlackBurn Cherry Garden offers a natural and ripe cherry flavor that combines sour-sweetness with tart notes. Experience the perfect cherry taste in every puff. With good strength and exceptional flavor, Cherry Garden is sure to become a favorite. Elevate your shisha sessions with the delightful BlackBurn Cherry Garden flavor from Blackburn Tobacco.


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Introducing BlackBurn Cherry Garden – Experience the Perfect Cherry Flavor

Immerse yourself in the delectable taste of BlackBurn Cherry Garden, a premium shisha flavor offered by Blackburn Tobacco. This flavor is crafted to perfection, delivering a natural and ripe cherry experience that will tantalize your taste buds. If you’re on the quest for the ultimate cherry flavor, Cherry Garden is the answer. It offers a delightful combination of sour-sweetness with tart notes, capturing the essence of a perfect cherry. With its good strength and exceptional taste, Cherry Garden has the potential to become one of your top favorite flavors.

Dark Side Flavor: Cherry Juice Discover the bright and juicy taste of Cherry Juice in the Dark Side flavor range from Blackburn Tobacco. Experience the perfect balance of smokiness, brightness, and juiciness in every puff. Dark Side is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality, ensuring a premium shisha experience.

Flavors Category and Weight Options: BlackBurn Cherry Garden falls under the fruits category, delivering an authentic and delightful cherry flavor. You can choose between two convenient weight options – 100 grams or 250 grams – allowing you to savor this exquisite flavor for extended sessions.

Packaging and Manufacturing: Each package of BlackBurn Cherry Garden is carefully packed in a high-quality plastic bag, securely housed in a durable cardboard envelope. This ensures that the tobacco remains fresh and preserves its delightful flavors until you’re ready to enjoy it. The manufacturing process involves high-temperature treatment within 24 hours, ensuring a premium product of exceptional quality.

Origin and Analog: The tobacco flavors used in BlackBurn Cherry Garden are sourced from Germany, known for its expertise in delivering superior taste profiles. The tobacco itself originates from Russia, resulting in a harmonious blend of international excellence. If you appreciate American Tobacco Tangiers, BlackBurn Cherry Garden offers a comparable experience that will satisfy your cravings.

Elevate Your Shisha Experience: Immerse yourself in the perfect cherry flavor of BlackBurn Cherry Garden and explore the bright and juicy taste of Dark Side Cherry Juice. Experience the delightful aromas, indulge in the authentic flavors, and enjoy an unforgettable shisha session. Choose Blackburn Tobacco for a premium selection of shisha tobacco that is meticulously crafted to perfection.

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