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Black Coco's


  • Premium hookah charcoal
  • 26x26x26mm
  • Even, long burn
  • No taste of its own
  • Absolutely free of chemicals
  • Strictly controlled

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In stock

Full taste when smoking shisha, thanks to CUBES26 coconut charcoal

The smoking experience of a shisha depends on many factors, with tobacco and charcoal probably having the greatest influence. It is not without reason that coconut charcoal has proven itself over the years as a literal long-running favorite and has prevailed on the market. So that the different requirements of every shisha smoker are ideally met, we offer you a variety of different coconut coals for smoking shisha in our BLACK COCO range.

Explore the variety of different types of charcoal with us and discover your favorites. In comparison with other cuts, we will show you what makes our respective charcoal different and why you should not save when buying your coconut charcoal for smoking shisha. So let’s start with our classic for every occasion, the CUBES26 natural charcoal.

Square and efficient: with 26 mm suitable for every head

At the beginning of every charcoal, cut is the size, which is decisive for the fit of your hookah bowl. If you smoke with a chimney head or with aluminum foil, the 26 mm x 26 mm is perfect for common heads and chimneys. Three to four pieces of coal fit on the surface of the usual chimney attachments without any problems, which ensures maximum flexibility when smoking. Depending on your taste, you can push your charcoal outwards after smoking thanks to the harmonious form factor, or from your head into your charcoal basket next to it.

Not too small and not too big, with the CUBES26 from BLACKCOCO’s you get coconut charcoal, which with an ideal burning time and a standard size meets the needs of most shisha smokers. We have been able to derive this experience from numerous satisfied customers for years, which not least speaks for the classic in our range. If you want to buy coconut coal for evenings with colleagues or as a gift, you will certainly not make a mistake with the CUBES26.

Even burning with no taste of its own

A property that every BLACKCOCO’s natural charcoal has is the even burning. The pieces of charcoal glow constantly and without restrictions without unwanted side effects, which also makes tapping them off with charcoal tongs a simple act. Say goodbye to annoying heaps of ash and pieces that break with our coconut charcoal. Thanks to our experience and quality control, all BLACKCOCO are designed to give you the ideal smoking experience. If you do not yet have a lighter for your coal, you will find the Smoque Gas Burner Black in our online shop as the ideal supplement.

We also meet the same quality standard with the non-existent taste of the CUBES26 coconut charcoal. By eliminating any chemicals in the production and post-processing, you can expect a premium-level natural product with our charcoal. The quality is ensured by strict controls, which are carried out on each batch of our coconut charcoal. By doing without chemicals, we further differentiate ourselves from cheaply produced coals and self-igniting coals: our products are healthier and better tolerated when smoking shisha.

burn time:120 minutes
Recommendation:HMD, HOT PAN
Suitable for:aluminum foil stack Coal Box One Coal
Contents:1 KG
Charcoal dimensions:26*26*26MM
Number of coals / content:64 coals


Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Box Contains



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