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The Superbowl single-hole head from the house Dschinni is a frugal, glazed single-hole head. Single-hole heads have the advantage that molasses can not drain into shisha within a very short time. Other types of setups, such as overpacking, can also be implemented here. Also suitable for smoking with essays, such as the Lotus.


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Out of stock

The Superbowl single-hole head is a medium-deep single-hole head suitable for a variety of head designs, to smoking with essay, such as the Lotus. Due to the average depth of the tobacco deposit, it is located in relation to comparable heads in the tobacco-saving area.


  • New Phunnel / single-hole head, suitable for attachment, glazed
  • Material: Clay (heat resistant, durable)
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Height: 10.2 cm
  • Outside diameter 7.9 cm at the edge of the tobacco depot
  • Tobacco deposit inside diameter: 7.2 cm, depth: 0.7 cm
  • Connection head adapter Inner diameter: 2.4 cm
  • Possibilities with essay, with aluminium foil (eg overpacking, distance setup)
  • Colour: Moon Dust, Scorpion, Jade, Nazar, Coffee Cream, Hellboy
  • Compatibility all shishas
  • Recommendation: Dschinni Cubes, Dschinni Tobacco, Stirring Bars, Alustecher, Kohlzange
  • Slight deviations of dimensions and colour are possible