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TSAR Booster V2 heating system


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The brand new version of the best heating system for your shisha

Discover the shisha heating system created by TSAR completely revisited: the Tsar Booster V2 ! Forget everything you know about heating: this device has been entirely designed to offer you the best session possible, thanks to a few elements allowing you to simply and precisely adjust the intensity of the heating during your session .

The subject of a patent application, the TSAR Booster heating system, whose design is still recognizable, has been improved to be able to benefit from even better heating. We find in the first place a rotating lid (hood) adjustable on several levels of openings thus allowing the ventilation and the thermal regulation of the coal and consequently of the shisha tobacco. Open or closed, the air circulates perfectly to keep your coals hot in all circumstances.

The plus of the Tsar Booster? A design of which Tsar has the secret, to obtain at each session the right amount of air necessary for a perfect draw. Performance and above all air circulation is what best defines this new heating system. Equipped with 3 internal chimneys specially designed for better air diffusion during heating, this heating system contains other details that make all the difference.

The bottom of the heating system is equipped with an embossed Tsar logo, ultra stylish but not only: its height allows air to pass under your coals while placing them as they should. The ergonomic and pleasant grip is achieved thanks to a larger silicone handle.

How to properly use your Tsar heating system?

To use it, nothing could be simpler: start by heating your natural coals until they are very red. Prepare your bowl by filling it with tobacco so that it is close to the Tsar Booster , but not touching it. Place your coals in the heating system and wait a few minutes before starting your session to give your tobacco time to heat up.

To make your session last or modulate the intensity of the heating, you can put the lid on, with the vents open first. At the end of the session, you can close the vents to prolong it as much as possible.

For a constant but precisely balanced influx of air, this device is also equipped with fixed side and lower openings, redesigned to allow unparalleled control of the heating.

The performance of your session is thus maximized. Your shisha lasts longer and the feeling of flavors is more intense!

Approximately 7.3 cm wide and 3.5 cm high, the TSAR Booster heating system can easily hold up to 3 cubes of 26 mm natural charcoal . Its standard diameter allows compatibility with many Kaloud compatible fireplaces such as the TSAR X HC Black Edition fireplace for example.

Thanks to the TSAR Booster, there is no longer any risk of burning your shisha tobacco . Perfect machining combined with raised protrusions on the internal and external face of the bottom of the device allow a slight gap with your hearth. There is therefore no direct contact and there is no need to use aluminum foil.

Made of a resistant and durable material, the TSAR by Mistersmoke heat management device will seduce you with its raw design and exceptional performance.

WARNING: to keep a heating system in excellent condition and perfectly functional, take care not to preheat it on your shisha charcoal lighter plate . When your session is over, wait for your heating system to cool down before washing it, and do not leave it to soak in water for a long time so that it is not damaged. Remember to dry clean it as often as possible, or simply pass a damp sponge if you see traces of burnt shisha tobacco, for example.

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