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Tsar Hookah

Shisha Tsar Ultimate Stainless


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Tsar Ultimate: The lounge shisha that combines all the qualities

Imagine a shisha that brings together everything you’ve always dreamed of? The TSAR Hookah brand did.

The TSAR Ultimate Stainless shisha embodies this new vision of the hookah: A shisha that is both modern and stylish , rigorously selected materials and features adapted to all smoker profiles.

This TSAR shisha is the culmination of a long process of questioning and research to obtain THE ideal shisha for ALL .

Perfect parlor hookah , the Tsar Ultimate impresses first of all with its weight: 3,600 kg. We are clearly not into the transportable shisha that you will easily slip into your backpack… Here, we are dealing with a hookah imagined and designed to be smoked indoors, in a lounge or shisha bar for convivial sessions with friends or even alone !

Why this high weight? Quite simply in order to guarantee perfect stability in all circumstances . Once the vase is filled with water, it is almost impossible for the shisha to tip over. This vase designed in laboratory glass has a thickness of almost 7 mm! Very qualitative but also decorative since the bottom features a laser engraving representing the TSAR logo. Unlike previous models such as the Tsar Sambo, whose vase was very flared, the TSAR Ultimate is equipped with a narrow vase that saves water .

The little details that make the difference…

  • A high-quality and particularly stable glass vase

The vase of this TSAR hookah is surmounted by a stainless steel column with a 1/4 turn screw system . This system is interesting because it allows to screw and unscrew very quickly and without constraints. Particularly ideal for shisha bars in particular.

  • A full ring for a total purge

To offer you optimal comfort during the session, a “ full ring ” device ensures maximum purge of the smoke contained in the vase.

  • A flexible draw from the lightest to the heaviest

We told you a little earlier, this TSAR hookah is truly designed to satisfy all hookah smoker profiles, from beginners to the most experienced. This is why we have equipped it with a diver with a diffuser that is both adjustable to 3 positions and also removable . You can thus go from an ultra-fluid draw to a heavy or even traditional draw by completely removing the diffuser.

  • A 2nd generation magnetic hose connector

Practical, the hose connector has a magnetic attachment. But unlike other hookah models, this one is guaranteed rust-proof!

  • A plate with a redesigned design

The design of the plate gets a makeover! Exit the butterfly plate, TSAR returns to simplicity and efficiency with a flat plate, with just enough edge to put your shisha charcoal cubes on it if necessary. Of course, the latter has an 18/8 cut and a silicone hearth seal.

The shisha with a purge system with a “Wow” effect and totally customizable

The Tsar Ultimate offers a purge that has its little effect in the middle of a session. Blow into the pipe and admire the smoke escaping from the column… And thanks to the purge accessory included, you can manage to direct the smoke not towards the sides but downwards, in a “cascade” way to an even more dramatic effect.

Technical characteristics

TSAR hookah
Total height approximately 50 cm
Weight: 3,600 kg
Column in V2A stainless steel to be screwed (3/4 turn)
Thick glass vase with laser-engraved Tsar logo
Full ring
Diver with adjustable and removable diffuser
Magnetic 18/8 hose connector in Purge stainless steel
with customizable effects
18/8 plate with engraved Tsar Hookah logo

A hookah with a deliberately refined design

The sobriety of the Tsar Ultimate is quite desired. Firstly because we wanted a timeless shisha . One of those models that goes through the years without getting tired of it. And then, to allow everyone to personalize their hookah according to their desires.

On this shisha, everything is thought out down to the smallest detail to allow you to customize the vase or the column simply and quickly. Indeed, the column has a “dressing”, more commonly called “cover” in the world of chicha. The latter can in the future be changed in just a few seconds and allow, why not, to add a wood, resin or even marble effect to the column of the shisha.

Finally, discover the full range of TSAR accessories on our online store and create the shisha that suits you!


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