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Zebrano is a light brown or even a cream color piece of wood with some characteristic darker grain streaks, resembling zebra’s stripes.

This Luxury Wookah Hookah Now Available In Dubai, UAE.

It comes with Wookah certified Leather Hose and Wooden Mouthpiece.


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AED 1,650.00

Out of stock

Each WOOKAH includes a quick lock system, a technical solution, which enables quick and convenient mounting the WOOKAH body to the WOOKAH vase. With just short movement you can match the two elements.

It also has a ground joint connection – a grommetless connection for your hose. It’s main feature is to make valves and hose connectors match to the adapters easily without grommets. The pieces can be securely mounted without using additional seals.


  • 63 cm of height without a head bowl (with Vorclas bowl it is about 66 cm)
  • weight: approx. 3 kg
  • quick-lock system
  • ground joint connection
  • 1.4301 (V2A) stainless steel metal parts
  • the body and the vase have a unique serial number


  • bowl port
  • Wooden Mouthpiece
  • Leather hose
  • ashtray
  • body (includes: a stainless steel inner tubing system which fully protects the inside of the wooden body from water and smoke and a special ventilation setup with tubes directed down which eases purging of excess of smoke and a quick lock system)
  • valve set with a ground joint connection
  • hose connector with a ground joint connection
  • vase with a quick-lock system
  • down stem, length: 210 mm
  • O-rings set
  • certificate of authenticity
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