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Black burn

BlackBurn Peach Killer offers a luxurious and full-bodied taste of sweet and delicate peach pulp. This flavor delivers a bright and pleasant aftertaste, accompanied by an aromatic smoke. It pairs well with a variety of other fruit flavors, making it a versatile choice. It comes in a convenient plastic bag within a cardboard envelope. Elevate your shisha experience with BlackBurn Peach Killer.


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Experience the luxurious and full-bodied flavor of BlackBurn Peach Killer at Blackburn Tobacco. Indulge in the delightful taste of sweet and delicate peach pulp, complemented by a bright and pleasant aftertaste. This aromatic smoke is designed to elevate your shisha experience to new heights. Peach Killer is a versatile flavor that pairs exceptionally well with a wide range of other fruit flavors, allowing you to create unique and flavorful combinations.

Dark Side Flavor: Chocolate Ice Cream Immerse yourself in the richness of Dark Side Chocolate Ice Cream flavor. With its smokiness, bright taste, juiciness, and impressive heat resistance, this flavor ensures a consistently enjoyable shisha session. Dark Side is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the world of shisha tobacco.

Flavors Category and Weight Options: BlackBurn Peach Killer falls under the fruits category, offering a refreshing twist to traditional fruit flavors. You can choose between two convenient weight options – 25 grams or 200 grams – allowing you to savor this exquisite flavor for extended periods.

Packaging and Manufacturing: BlackBurn Peach Killer is meticulously packed in a high-quality plastic bag, which is then securely placed in a durable cardboard envelope. This ensures that the tobacco retains its freshness and flavor until you’re ready to enjoy it. The manufacturing process involves high-temperature treatment within 24 hours, guaranteeing a premium product.

Origin and Analog: The tobacco flavors used in BlackBurn Peach Killer are sourced from Germany, renowned for its expertise in delivering exceptional taste profiles. The tobacco itself originates from Russia, ensuring a harmonious blend of international excellence. If you’re a fan of American Tobacco Tangiers, BlackBurn Peach Killer offers a comparable experience that will satisfy your cravings.

Elevate Your Shisha Experience: Unleash your senses with BlackBurn Peach Killer and Dark Side Chocolate Ice Cream. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing flavors, indulge in the aromatic smoke, and enjoy a shisha session like no other. Choose Blackburn Tobacco for a premium selection of shisha tobacco that is crafted to perfection.

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